Summer Fun

9:15 pm CDT August 7, 2012
From Easter to (end of) Summer, I clearly will not become the blogger of the of the year either but we have been having fun and growing up. I have lots of excuses for not blogging more such as 2 children, a career, FaceBook, the fact that my laptop makes a strange noise so I do not use it a lot...I think that is enough, Since Easter, we have wrapped up the hardest baseball season yet, spent a lot of time at the beach, and gone to Summer School. The girls are great! They have tremedous personalities and say the funniest things. They have thoroughly enjoyed summer school at Jarvis. They have new teachers and a new classroom, but made the adjustment well. The summer teachers, class, and most of the students will be the same as the fall class. Starting the week after Labor Day, the girls will start going to Jarvis three (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) mornings a week. Two weeks prior, the girls will get a new nanny. Jennifer, that stays with them now will be in school full time in the fall, therefore, enter Meaghan. We are excited about finding Meaghan but the girls wil certianly miss seeing Jennifer everyday. We are hopeful for smooth transitions for the girls over the next several weeks. Back to the funny things they say. Mary Robert - marssmewoos (marshmallows), Hayesie (for Hayes). Hayes - Mary Wobert (Mary Robert), I lobe you (I love you).

Mary Robert silly on the beach

Hayes and Connor Stanton (Becky Thomas Stanton's son)

sweet Hayes

Hayes, playing in the sand

Surfer girl

with Cousin Trey

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