Fall 2012

4:13 pm CST November 7, 2012
Jasper's 4th birthday is approaching, I can't believe he would have been 4 years old. While I often wonder what type of little boy he would have grown into, I am comforted by the wonderful memories I have of my precious guy.

This year for his birthday we are doing a drive for baby leg warmers. We loved them on Jasper when he was in the hospital, we were often limited to what he could wear due to the medical equipment, and it covered up iv's and tubes so that he wouldn't pull them out. We are looking forward to dropping them off on Jasper's birthday! And we will certainly post pictures!

We are working on the 4th annual Jasper Johnson Memorial Golf Outing for next year as well, visit for more details!

Overall, we are hanging in there as a family, and we are enjoying our new addition, Zoe Camilla Johnson, born Aug 14, and she has Jasper's red hair!!

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