0ct 18 in Cath Lab

11:24 am CDT October 19, 2009
We are a week out from surgery. Jasper's heart doesn't look any worse, however, his heart function has not improved as they can tell from the pictures on his echo they repeated yesterday, Sunday. This morning the team decided to bring him into the Cath lab where they can get more pictures and possibly do some repair work, opening up the pulmonary valve as it might have tightened. Also it appears the VSD is bigger than thought, though they might not be able to address that or the generous size of the ASD.

There is a good chance we will have to go in for another procedure.

There are many babies that go through this dept with the biventricular repair, their stay in the icu is several months with many rough spots. We hope this is a rough patch Jasper can make it through. Thanks for all your well wishes and positive thoughts, xoxo the johnsons

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