10 Jan 2010

6:50 am CST January 10, 2010
Wel we are getting closer to our goal date of the 19th of January and Jasper is still holding his own with his O2 saturation, keeping it in the high 80's to mid 90's while being on 30% O2. His goal is less than 40% with saturations over 80.

Jasper is almost weaned off his methadone. Next will be the ativan, which we will do most of the weaning at home. It is a slow process as some days he does not respond well and goes through withdrawal :-( so it's a careful wean.

Jasper is lucid some days and some not so. He sat in his stroller the other day and seemed to like it. We all can't wait to be home and do nothing but sit on the couch together all day! We hope it's soon.

Thanks for thinking of him!!! Have a great week.


big boy. hopefully when he's home we can get more active and start a workout plan

we have the view of the landing pad for medivac . In the movies people get out when the helicopter is still spinning, they actually wait until everything is stopped.

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