11 pounds 8 ounces

7:03 am CDT July 7, 2009
11 pounds 8 ounces, 25" at todays pediatrician visit ! His progress on the growth chart, while no where near the chart, it is going straight up! Finally we are growing!! He outgrew his newborn diapers too.

Jasper has found his head with his hand and seems to like the feel of his hair. He also has learned the fine art of manipulation... he like to sleep with mum and dad, and try as they might to get him to fall asleep, and then carefully put him in his crib, he'll wake up in an hour or too demanding to go in the big bed. So far he's winning, but who can say no such a sweet guy. Not his mom anyway.

He had his vaccines again yesterday, :-( not the happiest today. And we go for a helmet fitting this morning. Hopefully a quiet week, with a nice daily walk.. and we might go to kindermusik up the street.. we'll see.

happy summer everyone.

dad found a snapping turtle on our walk at the pond

waiting for some shots

chris can do these, I can't, it makes me irritated , his words not mine

his "fancy" bear diaper finally fits

ready to go home

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