12 Dec 09 Sat

10:25 pm CST December 12, 2009
Well here we are. Jasper is stable. I know people wonder just how he is and when is he going home.

How is Jasper?

Well he is pretty stable right now. During the heart catheterization, they opened up his pulmonary artery as it narrowed from scarring. That has certainly been helping his oxygen saturation, today he was in the low 90s- mid 80's. Before the cath he was hanging out in the low 70s.

Jasper's heart surgeon, Dr. Bacha is leaving to head up the dept at Columbia in NYC, so will be leaving in a few weeks. We are looking forward to sitting down and talking with Emile Bacha and the new surgeon who will take over (a Sr. surgeon not just some new guy :D ) and see what he has to say about where he sees Jasper going. Is he ok and happy with how is heart is going, or does he want to try another procedure.

People ask about why we just don't do a heart transplant.... well that is our last option, when we run out of plan b's , c's etc. A heart transplant can be life saving, but it is best to try and use your own heart if you are able. There are certainly many risks with a transplant, and yes we might be there someday, but they certainly want to try to do what they can to Jasper's own heart to make it work.

A transplant also involves a VERY long hospital stay, you are often inpatient for a year or so waiting for a heart to be available for you. After you get your heart, you have many months left in the hospital recovering.

SO Jasper is hanging in there. They will continue to ween his meds a bit here and there, and work on chipping away at the vent. Jasper is going to go down to have a CATSCAN on his lungs per pulmonary to make sure there isn't too much damage, and/or any other issues with his lungs.

Tonight Chris and I went to the URBAN NUTCRACKER as someone graciously donated tickets to children's hospital ( Thank you!!! .

Susan and Tim sent Jasper some holiday cheer, A Christmas Carol, and Lemony Snickets, The Lump of Coal (ps it has a boy in it named Jasper!!! )

Hopefully quiet progress ahead. We expect aprox 1-2 months more at CHB at least.

Happy Weekend!

Jasper sitting in his tumble chair PT brought for him to use! Yes he is a big boy!!

new books!

see Jasper!!

he was so cozy and had his face pressed into his blanky

his friend gloworm/seahorse is always there

today sleeping with his FAVORITE toy, he has been able to tap the bar again and make noises

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