15lbs 3 oz

5:15 pm CDT August 19, 2009
**meant to mention Jasper's 2 top teeth are coming in, + 1 next to his 2 front teeth, so all in all he has 5 teeth! **

Jasper had his pediatrician apt yesterday and weighed in at 15 lbs and 3 ounces! He was there getting caught up on his vaccinations.

Jasper took several drops of his formula in his mouth today! He seemed to like it. We are working on getting him to like things going into his mouth, so sometime down the road he can eat via his mouth!

We have a busy end of August with apts at GI, ORL, hearing test, urology, and the Communication Assesment team so that we can start working harder at getting Jasper to communicate :-)

Sept is coming, and we have a busy month ahead with cardiology. There is a Boston heart group that is having a special day for heart families that includes lunch and a duck tour ride!!! Jasper will love it :-)

Jasper likes to hold hands when he is sleeping

all that playing makes Jasper very tired :-)

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