16lbs 26.5

5:08 pm CDT August 28, 2009
Jasper certainly is growing! We had a very uneventful GI apt today. Monday is an opto apt and then the following week we go in for the cath.

Jasper has been getting better head control :-) and he loves love loves his 2 favorite toys, - his plastic keys, and this bar toy that came with the jolly jumper that Auntie Linda and cousin Jessica. He likes to go to sleep with it so when he wakes up he can start playing with it.

His top two teeth came though! We hope to have a quiet next week.

Just got back from the dr's !

I think we're going to need a bigger tub!

with mammie during our visit last week

jasper and some of his cousins (who were VERY excited to see him)

my teef

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