17 nov 09 Tues

7:02 am CST November 17, 2009
**************** 19 NOv update************** Jasper's blood culture came back with Gram-negative bacteria, hoping his body can fight it off. His circulation is not that super so they are talking about being on the vent at home, but really whatever gets us home. Getting over this infection is #1 right now. Go AWAY INFECTION!

well, monday was ok,, ep (electrophysiology), the people that are in charge of the pacemaker, seemed to think that the pacemaker failure was just part of the way the heart is adapting to the pacemaker. they will check the settings everyday to make sure.

Jasper suddenly took his binkie on Sunday night!! This is the same guy who we have been working with all summer just to be comfortable with things rubbing around his mouth... he has strong 'oral aversions' which means he hates things in his mouth due to all the trauma he has experienced around his mouth area (breating tubes , cpap, people poking etc) and just like that he took a binkie and hasn't let go yet... also he took a lemon flavored mouth swab and chewed and sucked on it

Today, tues, jasper has had a fever since 4am, (38.7C rectal - 101.6F) :-( we hope it goes down

my teeth!

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