18 lbs 15 oz

7:59 am CDT October 4, 2009
18 lbs 15 oz and 28" ! That is what Jasper came in at this week! He is on the chart now. We had a couple of apts with pulmonary and ccs this week. Jasper has another infection in his trach, so he is on antibiotics, and they smell like the most wonderful vanilla parfait.

His CO2 levels also crept up again, which seems to happen whenever he gets any infection. They were debating whether to admit him for the weekend.... and we are pleased as punch Jasper was well enough to stay home!

This week hopefully will be quiet. Mom is going to the hospital Tuesday to give blood for his surgery and Friday is pre-op. We did get a warning that the cardiac anesthesiologists might want to postpone due to his trach infection. We hope it doesn't get pushed out any more but we certainly want the best for Jasper!

We will keep you updated, and thanks for all your positive thoughts!!!

Jasper's birthday bike! It came a little early and we couldn't resist putting it together and letting him take it for a ride!

real men wear tube socks

in his sleep sack! these are awesome for Jasper, not only do they keep him warm, there is space for his trach and all the tubes can come out the bottom of the bag quite easily. Plus it is super cute! Bright orange with an octopus :-) and it is a beautiful blue inside. He has one in brown too with a giraffe. They are from sleephuggers in Canada.

Jasper in the morning playing in his crib. This toy is his FAVORITE. It came with a jolly jumper toy from Auntie Linda and cousin Ann Marie. He can't jump in in yet put he plays with this toy from 4am to 10pm! He loves hitting the barrel, picking up the whole toy, sliding the blocks, he has a great time with it.

Jasper loves feeling his dads face. Saturdays are spent on the couch watching golf and cuddling with dad.

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