23 Dec 09

7:11 am CST December 23, 2009
Well. Jasper is making progress. That is good, we are bracing ourselves though as something always seems to take a step back. But so far so good.

Jasper was moved to another ICU yesterday, it is not the cardiac ICU, this one deals with non surgical issues, and as Jasper is cardiac wise VERY STABLE :-) , and just needs to wean on the vent, we are on 11 south. It was sad leaving all of our friends on 8 south, but Caroline from the 8th floor coffee hours said we can come back for the weekly coffee hour and visit!

The cardiac ICU is having a rough week. Last year it was pretty quiet before xmas, but this week they have had quite a few medvac admissions. And there are a lot of sick babies not doing very well. So not being around the cicu for those reasons is nice. It is difficult to watch families lose their little babies before the holiday.

On a happier note, WOW the donors for Children's are very generous, as Jasper has received such wonderful things! Check him out in his new bib!

Chris and I will be at Children's for the holiday and will be spending it with Jasper as he sees Santa Clause on xmas morning!

new bib and frog!

looking good Jasper!

cozy sleeper

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