26 Oct 2009

10:32 pm CDT October 26, 2009
Not the best day, not the worst. Jasper's arterial line is not the greatest and his peripheral line is going as well. One ICU nurse, 1 IV nurse and one nurse practitioner all tried to get access to his little veins/arterial lines today and no such luck. Little man was not happy with being stuck, he actually 'woke up' was very wide eyed and had the saddest frown while he tried to wiggle his way out even though he is on heavy sedation. Pretty sad sight :-(

Jasper's is still sort of in heart block , meaning his heart is not really beating in a rhythm on its own. He has been on an external pacemaker since the surgery and has a few days left to correct itself or it will be time to install a pacemaker. Which is at least fixable and not so severe as heart function which is still being determined if he might need to go back to the OR for another surgery (a possible temporary Glenn, which they would do the pacemaker at the same time...)

A culture came back on one of Jasper's lines and he has an infection so he is on a course of anti-biotics. This has set him back a few days as they need to make sure the infection is cleared before they move ahead with any more OR things.

So waiting, praying, wishing everything just works out. There are enough jerks in the world and we really hope the world gets to meet our little guy some more. He would be a great addition to the human race. Mom and dad are certainly holding up ok but the cracks are starting to show here and there, luckily they have each other :-)

Thanks for all your + thoughts and prayers! The Johnsons

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