29 Nov 09

9:00 pm CST November 29, 2009
Sunday night, another week coming up. Jasper got a PICC line in today! We are very happy that he was cleared to get one and most importantly that they were able to get it in. He needs iv access to get some meds for his body to fight infections (which we just found out from ID that he will be on for aprox 4-6 more weeks) and he has been blowing through peripheral iv's sometimes 2x a day. So he would need to get poked until they could get another IV line. But the PICC line is a longer lasting iv, so that solves that problem for now.

We have a team meeting this week, hopefully. We will meet with Dr's from all the different area's, pulmonary, cardiac, orl, etc and we will ask the hard questions about everyone's goals, the plan, where we need to be to get him out of there. Lining up our new equipment needs for home too and trying to find a nurse at home.

Mom held Jasper again today, Dad did yesterday and Jasper really loved it! We saw more lucid moments this past weekend, he even opened his eyes to look at a book we were reading and he was really checking it out. We do a lot of singing and hand holding, book reading and Jasper loves to put his hand on his favorite bar toy and listen to the familiar sound.

We are hoping for a quiet week (please) and getting Jasper stronger and weaning some more off his meds. Thanks for all your + thoughts and prayers :-) J, B & C

Bday cards and gift from Delia, Lucy, Kurt and Melina, Jasper loved feeling the objects tonight

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