5 january 2010

5:08 pm CST January 5, 2010
Hello everyone! The site is down sometimes, bummer, that's technology for you, but thanks for looking!

Well Jasper is gettting over his tracheitis and that seems to be improving his 02 saturation levels, as they are back up to mid 80s low 90s. We had a team meeting, operation, GET OUT OF THE HOSPITAL.

The goal is not to wean the vent in the hospital at all, (although he did an hour off the vent the other did and did EXCELLENT and his blood gasses after were EXCELLENT) but his goal is to maintain his 02 saturation at less that 40% 02 for a WEEK. AND maintain his potassium levels for one week, then we are cleared to go. Ofcourse we nee dto get everything in order, gear etc, so looking at 3-4 weeks.

We hope Jasper cooperates with this plan, he wasn't at the meeting, but we filled him in on it after, he agreed to give it his all. Okay, one day at a time and we will see the front door!

sleeping and holding onto his favorite toy

handsome man

jasper during his hour off of the vent and just on trach collar

jaspers pics and some new xmas cards!

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