7:30 am Surgery First Case

8:56 pm CST February 9, 2009
Well they have a date and a time, Thursday 12 Feb at 7:30 am. Dr. Bacha, Cardiac Surgeon, and Dr. Ostrower from ORL will be doing the surgery. We are first case and shouldn't get bumped. Wish us luck.

In the meantime, someone needed a bed urgently in the cardiac icu, so we were moved up to the medical icu. We really like it up there. It has a lot less commotion, less alarms, etc. We even have our own bathroom in the room! It's the newest wing at CHB! So it is a nice quiet time before the surgery. So far, Jasper has been pretty comfortable, and just resting and growing. :-)

when Jasper was born!

day before trach surgery what a cutie!

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