8 months today!!!!!!!

10:43 pm CDT July 25, 2009
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jasper, it's his 8th month birthday :-)

****Jasper weighs in about 13 lbs and measures aprox 25.5"**

Well, we were expecting to go home today from the hospital. Then we got the news this early afternoon that Jasper's CO2 numbers were back up to 65 and we were staying put. After a brief cry, mum went on with the day and went thru every toy/ fun apparatus we had borrowed from the play room and proceeded to entertain Jasper. As Jasper was under "precautions" due to his trach infection, we had been quarantined to the room. So no walks, leaving etc, just trying to entertain an 8month old baby (happy birthday Jasper! ) in a box.

Then early this evening a dr came in and said they couldn't get the sleep study this week, so instead of us hanging around here, just go home!!!! YEAHHHH! We are so happy! Jasper had a bath :-)

Jasper loves to have his hair washed. After mum washes his hair at bathtime, Jasper will proceed to wash his hair with his hand on top of his head. In fact, the first night in the hospital, he kept doing that, as we had missed his bath time :-(

So sometime in the next couple of weeks, we have a sleep study to see if they can find anything regarding his high co2. But between you me and the wall, it was due to a trach infection that really seems to be clearing up as he has been on some great anti-biotics since two nights ago!

at home getting sleepy

hello old friend

playtime at the hospital

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