A special order trach

8:48 pm CST February 5, 2009
Well they hope to do the trach by Wed. They had to special order parts just for Jasper's trach. Dr. Ostrower (ORL) and Dr. Bacha (cardiac surgeon) will be doing the surgery together, moving aside the large artery and inserting a special silicone trach. Wow they are amazing people!

Today was a little tough. Jasper's j-tube in his belly was clogged at about 7am, the general surgeons were able to unclog it at about 5PM. His pic line broke and after much talk amongst the drs the wonderful picc nurse reinserted a new one.

I also met with the neurosurgeons. His lamdoid and corona have fused together already. Normally they dont' fuse pre-birth.

Okay, so Jasper will probably have the surgery for his skull at aprox 3 months. It is an endoscopic surgery, so not as invasive as the traditional method, however, of course Jasper's skull is VERY unique. (they usually see one fusion or the other not both) They don't get any cases like his, so they aren't 100% sure the endoscopic surgery will work as well as a traditional surgery (usually done at 10 mos). So we run the risk of having to do another surgery.

There are a couple of other things to but I am tired of typing and thinking.

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