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10:15 pm CDT June 22, 2009
Jasper is doing well recovering from his fundo surgery. He is back to his full calorie feeds and tolerating them well. We are hoping to go home Tuesday!!! HOPE HOPE HOPE, we were hoping to go home today, Monday, but c'est la vie.

We are all pretty tired of being in the hospital, the stress certainly has taken its toll on all three of us. Don't ask us how we do it, because we couldn't tell you.

Jasper went with mum on Saturday and saw the dog show in the entertainment center. The half hour long program has aprox 6 different dogs doing tricks and Jasper was a very attentive audience member, taking it all in and not getting bored!

He continues to amaze us everyday, and we look forward to having him meet everyone someday soon!

Thanks again everyone for your thoughts, prayers and well wishes. We don't know how we would get through it with so many great friends!

dad & jasper asleep

Jasper's father's day gift to his daddy! He worked really hard to get his foot and handprint just right :-)

view from the dog show

Jasper watching the dog show!


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