and so happy about it!

8:03 pm CDT April 26, 2009
Just having some quiet time with Jasper! From here out we have dr. apts monthly. Tomorrow we meet with the ORL dr who did his trach. We will meet with his cardiologist once a month too, Dr. Levine. On the 6th we have a visit for vaccines. And the end of the month we have a visit with neurology, urology, complex care, GI, hmm did I forget anyone... and we have a visit with the helmet fitting people every 1-2 weeks.

His heart surgery will be when he is aprox 5 kilos. He is aprx 3.2 now.He will have a different feeding setup put in at 4 kilos.

In the meantime just having quiet days, Jasper is catching up on his sleep and learning about his hands. He is starting to want to move his body more, from rolling to trying to get his body to go forward by doing a nordic track motion with his knees. He is a sweet, quiet baby who likes to read, and figure out what is going on.

We will be homebound for some time, as with any baby, but Jasper's health is compromised so we can't risk going anywhere or exposing him to the general public. We miss seeing everyone and look forward to showing him off, we know that will be soon!

Thank you again for all your thoughts and prayers!

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