Another echo 12 Sept 2008

8:11 pm CDT September 13, 2008
I wish this were the last echo, but we have one more in about 4 weeks. They couldn't tell much as Jasper seems to like to lie on his side and it doesn't allow the dr. to get a good look at the heart. We had a new tech this time too who seemed to be trying to put the wand through my abdomen. On the plus side, there seem to be no leaky valves and blood seems to be going through the heart, as well the chambers seem to be pumping. The right ventricle is still smaller, we might not know until birth if it will be working at all. ******************************************** We did a tour at the cardiac ICU at Children's in Boston. While a bit scary, it was really great of the team over there to get us acquainted with the department and what we can expect after birth. Our delivery hospital and Children's are connected by a bridge, so after birth (yes I won't get to see him right away) Chris will go with the team to Children's where they will get Jasper started on an iv and put him in a bed there. They will monitor him during the first 3 days, do an u/s to get a real diagnosis (finally) and watch him during this transitional time to see how his heart is working. After this period they will know what the best surgical approach will be.

The reception at the cardiac ICU

This is the room Jasper will first be in.

This is the hallway at the cardiac icu. It is a 24 bed unit.

Another pic of the hospital room.

A great site with info on defects (great pictures) and surgical procedures! My favorite site so far.

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