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6:17 pm CST February 1, 2010
well this early am Jasper became tachycardiac with a little fever, after talking with Children's dr.s they sugested keeping our pediatician apt and seeing what he thought. Jasper's pediatrician did not want to draw labs at his office, but could find nothing clinically wrong so sent us to the ER at the hospital.

Long story short, his sodium levels are high and we are staying the night at least. They are adding free water to his feeds and will check his levels tomorrow. We hope to figure this out, as other wise Jasper was doing so great at home! And we start our NO home nursing so we get to be just the three of us at home when we get back!

Also today we received a song for Jasper from Songs of Love

It is a wonderful song written and produced by Becky and Nathan Bliss. We listened to it while driving back over the hospital and it was the most touching song. We are so thankful to Songs of Love and the beautiful voice of Becky Bliss.

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