back in the hospital

10:37 pm CDT April 27, 2009
well, we went in for a routine ORL visit for his trach, expected to be mabye 20 mins tops. His heart rate went up to 218 (he is normally 130-150) and we went to the ER where his temp was 40.8 C (105.4 F) He didn't look so hot. And he was admitted to the cardiac ICU.

They are looking into why now, obviously his body was reacting to some bacteria/infection. His kidneys might have more problems. Hopefully we will get some answers soon. He looks better than when he was admitted, his color is back now that they have fluids in him. His levels are very off, hence his going into the ICU. His sodium is high, potassium is off etc...

waiting for dad to pick us up to go to the dr's

in the ER

this is the thermometer, can you tell where it is supposed to go?

chilling out in the ICU, boy he doesn't get to watch tv at home like this!

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