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6:49 pm CST December 29, 2008
Well Jaspers Saturation levels kept dropping randomly today and his blood gas came back at 85 (they like it to be in the 40's) , and he would also forget to take a breath on occasion. So we were sad to see him have to go back on the CPAP. The ORL docs came up and took a quick peek down his airway, and yes it's still floppy, they just don't understand how it just suddenly started up with the dropping Sats.... whereas if the dropping sat levels were due to an obstruction, they should always be dropping, not get better, then get worse. So they are going to schedule a sleep study that will show WHY he is forgetting to breathe, be it neurological, an obstruction etc. However, he needs to be off the CPAP to do that. They want to keep him on the CPAP 24-48 hours, and then see how he does off of it. However, if he keeps dropping while he his on the CPAP they might have to go back to the breathing tube. Tough stuff. This isn't easy as you can imagine, and we are trying to take it day by day. We thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

getting fitted for CPAP, nurse and RT

our big guy

ORL dr's doing their exam

on cpap

Ifrane came to visit from California!

in his snazzy outfit

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