big scary bear

7:56 am CST January 7, 2009
some video ************************************************************* someone donated big bears to the hospital, and Jasper defin seemed to not love him! (see pic below) we have our meeting with the drs today to discuss the overall plan with Jasper, wish us luck! *********************************************************** UPDATE well, they didn't have any new info from the sleep study. Our meeting went ok. We really like the ORL dr Sam. He basically said if it were his child he would try this other surgery to try and repair the Laryngomalacia. He said the time it would put us back if it didn't work isn't that much in the scope of things. He would rather us try that and avoid the trach, then just going with the trach. So Tuesday Jasper will have his 3rd surgery.At the end of the surgery they will perform a small surgery to insert a G Tube so that he can be fed through his stomach as well. We hope Jasper can spend the next few days putting on some weight and resting. So if anyone has any extra pounds they would like to send him, we would appreciate it !

new toy from the giftshop


his dad!

off cpap to change headpiece

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