Christmas Day

9:44 pm CST December 25, 2008
view video at *********************************************************** Santa came by this morning and visited every room in the hospital. Apparently every child was good this year as they all got a gift! Jasper got a pair of wrist rattles. Although he was a little fussy today so he wasn't in the mood for playing with them. He was off oxygen all day, the only thing on him was his feeding tube (well then ofcourse the leads on his tummy to monitor his heart and oxygen and of course the picc line on his foot and the blood pressure cuff) Dad and mom took turns holding him and trying different positions that made him feel better. We look forward to another full day with him, trying to keep him happy. Hope everyone has a very merry Christmas.


he seemed happy sitting like this, our little red head.


a nebulizer treatment today.

he really likes his elephant

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