Fall 2011

12:30 pm CDT September 30, 2011
Wow, fall is here. We had a nice summer. The Jasper Johnson Memorial Golf Outing went very well. We brought in over $13,000 for the Children's Heart Foundation. We are so thankful to everyone for helping us honor our son with this event.

The fall can be a hard season. Jasper went to surgery Oct 10. I always think of that. His birthday will be in Nov. We are looking to purchase another Kettler bike in his memory and donate it to the play room on the cardiac floor. The previous one is very well used and loved! It is awesome to go and see it. It has certainly seen many rounds on that 8 east wing!

I was working on little brother Reece's preschool applications (you have to get your name in early for a spot!) and it was difficult to see the name line for siblings. Sometimes it's just little things that set you off.

We thank you for checking up on us and keeping Jasper in your thoughts! The Johnsons

Reece checking out Jasper's art

From the Jasper Johnson Memorial Golf Outing

What a great day!

Reece had a great day at the outing too!

Reece is getting bigger!!

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