Family Cookout

11:37 am CDT August 4, 2009
Well what a fun week. Jasper attended his first family cookout. The Bousquet side, his Pepé's family, had a big cookout. Jasper did well and enjoyed lying in the shade on his blanket, letting his feet feel the grass! It was nice for everyone to see him in real life, vs his pics on the blog!

Jasper has been very busy with visits from physical therapy, occupational therapy and early intervention. The long stays in the hospital has put Jasper behind, so everyone is working very hard to get Jasper up to speed. He has been working on rolling from his side to back, and really throws himself into it.

He has been playing with some light up, musical toys learning cause and effect, and has gotten quite good! watch him play -

His signing is coming along too, as saying "more" is his favorite thing to say :-)

We have a sleep study Thursday night, so we will be at CHB for the evening, hopefully with not too bad results. Jasper will hopefully have continue having great days just sleeping well, playing, taking walks and lying with dad stroking his beard!

jasper with dad and cousin jack

hanging out in the shade

jasper getting a kiss goodbye from Pepé

wow! he has been tolerating feeds!

daddy captured jasper trying to repeatedly grab his mums nose while she was sleeping, good reaching J!

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