Feb 23, 2012

4:37 pm CST February 23, 2012
Two years ago we didn't know what happened. We came home from the emergency department in horrible shock. I started cleaning every inch of the house. Chris and I walked around not know what to do. Frequently asking, what do we do?

There is no manual for grieving the loss of your child. You make your way through each day the best you can, in a way that seems right to you. Plenty of people will give you advice or thoughts, mostly not helpful. Really,

"You don't need to say anything. Your thoughts and prayers are enough. There is honestly nothing you can say," sums it up.

We have met many families with children who have passed since, including many we have known during our stays at Children's Hospital Boston. There strength and how they continue to honor their children is inspiring.

We have included their websites with their amazing work they do!

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We love and miss you Jasper! Please join us in helping out other heart families with expenses while their children are hospitalized. Completed Projects: CHD Calendar 2012, Alex's Born With A Broken Heart® book, and website.

OHF's mission is to fight back against the #1 birth defect, congenital heart defects (CHD), by funding vital and promising research, increasing public awareness and education, and supporting those affected by CHD.

Our Jasper! (Both of our boys have that serious stare, they get it from their dad ! )

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