9:51 pm CDT April 8, 2009
just trying to get Jasper onto his feeds. He was testing + for blood in the stool, so they are trying a hypoallergenic formula, Alimentum, we will work our way up to the 32 calories that Jasper was at before, then possibly switch back to breast milk. We shall see. His helmet was too big and he had to be rescanned. We should be getting it back Friday. Also Friday we will be doing an Easter craft with Child Life and making an Easter Bunny with Jasper's feet imprint as ears.

The days have been better for Jasper. He loves going on walks in his stroller, swinging in his new swing daddy bought him

We wish everyone well at the hospital. It is hard to see so many sick children. It just breaks your heart hearing the alarms go off, dr's giving orders and hear every available person running to a room trying to help somebody. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of the wonderful children and families who somehow deal with all of this.

view from the hospital room this morning

woo hoo new swing!

oops mum let the flash go off, sorry Jasper

one of his incisions

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