Friday 6 Nov 09

8:00 pm CST November 6, 2009
Well the pacemaker surgery is moved to Monday, maybe even Tuesday. His surgeon is unable to get a flight back into the states from a conference but Jasper also has an infection they are watching so things happen for a reason sometimes. But sometimes there is no reason and they still happen.

Jasper has been pretty quiet, still trying to wean him off meds. His liver has been moderately enlarged, as they would expect from poor circulation in his body, since his right ventricle is not working well. They hope withing time, months, the right ventricle will start to work and feel better.

Today Jasper went to pressure support on the vent for for 3 hours today. This means that he was initiating the breaths and doing the work. He did a great 3 hours! He likes to read and hear songs and look at his light up toys. He is a sweet little guy and hanging in there!

And Jasper and mom and dad received a beautiful prayer shawl from one of Auntie Pammy's co- workers, how beautiful, Thank you :-)

Thank you everyone for all your well wishes!

A prayer shawl from Pam at Auntie Pammies work!

our space in the back of the room :-)

this night is from last week when they started taking J off the meds and he was awake to look at the tv

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