Fun times and first dr visit

10:30 pm CDT March 9, 2009
We have settled nicely into being at home!

Grandma Kersten sent a beautiful flower arrangement to welcome Jasper home!

Dan, Carrie and Keith came by to visit and joined Jasper on his first outside walk in his stroller. Carrie left some delicious homemade blueberry muffins. Chris was just going to have half but he couldn't stop eating them.

Monday was Jasper's first pediatric visit. We won't have any vaccinations until we meet with the complex care team 16 April. So we have to be extra careful to stay away from germs. Also Jasper was 7 lbs and 2.6 ounces ! (he was discharged at 3.14 kilos and is now 3.293 kilos so he is gaining weight and is 22 long.

And last but not least, cousin Adam was in from Utah for business and was able to stop by and say hello and give some love !

All in all a great week getting to know our little guy and letting him see his new home. This week has been a great gift.

going out for his first walk in a hat knitted by mammie

the guys sleeping in

in the carseat going to the dr.'s

with cousin Adam

A couple of stars out on the town!

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