Getting up to his high calorie diet....

9:44 pm CDT April 16, 2009
we are still in the hospital! Jasper is getting back to his feeds, he needs to be at 32 calories an ounce, right now he is at 26, they go up 2-4 calories a day

Here are some pics of the little guy with his helmet! (Jungle theme) He loves his swing! AND he is really into rolling, and after rolling onto his tummy, he proceeded to lift his bum up a bit and move his knees in a nordic track fashion, plowing his body forward! So he is kind of crawling in a wormlike way :-)

He is getting a curious personality, still loves having books read to him, even US weekly, and has become attached to this 3" wide piece of cloth string

Mum and dad have been switching off every other night, and are very much looking forward to all 3 of us being at home, eating takeout watching tv!

Jasper's Easter Basket! Yeah he looks impressed.

He got his G tube changed on Easter! Mum learned how to change it and check the balloon to see if it is full!

The kit I get to bring home

Easter Lunch!

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