Happy 1st Birthday!

11:19 pm CST November 24, 2009
Wow Happy 1st Birthday Jasper Christopher Johnson. You were born after 5pm on the 25th of November 2008, and mom and dad were so happy to see you. This year has been so incredible. Incredibly wonderful and so very incredibly difficult. It is bittersweet as we are happy to celebrate this milestone with our wonderful son, so many other heart babies, children and young adults we have sadly seen become angels. On this special first birthday, we proudly march on in their honor.

Thank you everyone for your wonderful support. We are having a cake today in the cardiac ICU with many of the staff :-) And we will certainly post pictures late Wed afternoon. Thank you again everyone for your emails cards and thoughts, you have really touched us .

jasper's door in the cicu

Jasper asleep while mum sizes his bday hat

bday card from Chris' work :-)

he likes to check himself out

his pacemaker incision is looking Awesome.. and PT came by today!!! he did so SUPER Jasper really LOVED it!!!

Bonecrushers are Awesome

Still need a few 100 more people to help finish off this cake..

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