Happy 3rd Birthday Jasper

2:55 pm CST November 25, 2011
Wow can't believe out little guy would have been 3 today. We were so happy to see him be born and have the time we did with him. We are thankful for every moment.

We dropped off a trike at Children's Hospital today in Jasper's memory. They seem to be well liked trikes and they hold up pretty well.

We had many walks around those halls on 8east, I am sure others will have good walks there too

Still raising money for the Children's Heart Foundation with our annual Jasper Johnson Memorial Golf Outing, this year to be held at Cyprian Keys, visit for more info and links to register.

Thank you everyone for your kind words and thoughts. We miss our Jasper terribly. Today is a great day for us to remember how happy and hopeful we were with his birth.

reece all ready to go to the hospital to deliver Jasper's bike!

putting it all together

all put together! (Jasper's hand me down bike for Reece is in the back!)

just waiting for a rider!

and we are back home, out for a ride with Reece!

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