Happy 4th of July!

1:33 pm CDT July 4, 2009
Well we are having a quiet day here. We were gearing up to visit Dan & Carrie's cookout today, but Chris caught something in his throat, and as appealing as it is to sound like Christian Slater, no one wanted to catch it.

*******had to find a new site to host video, most sites only let you upload a certain amount, and then they want you to join a plan, so here is another free one *************** *****************************

So he was feeling a little ok, and Jasper and mum really wanted to start making happy memories. We packed up the car, drove 8 minutes up the street and ended up at the zoo! What a nice 2 hour walk we had. Jasper really enjoyed himself and mum and dad had a hot dog. Some people commented on our "newborn", but how many newborns do you see sitting up looking around playing with their hands and licking their teeth?

You might notice Jasper is not wearing his helmet, we took an extra hour off today.....but it is back on now and we will make up for it.

Fun, quiet day today, Now we are home and Dad and Jasper are on the couch watching golf and napping!

in the tropical jungle

on the carousel

just hanging out

next year the horse little guy

I like the zoo!

going home

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