Happy Birthday to Henry!

8:18 pm CDT July 14, 2010
First off a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Henry! Who is Henry you ask?? Henry turned 1 June 9 and his family instead of asking for gifts, asked for donations to The Children's Heart Foundation in Jasper's honor!!! We are so touched beyond words. What a happy little boy he is,and as his mum says he also likes to be reflective like Jasper and look out the window as well. Henry has a cool blue helmet! We ask you to keep Henry and his family in your thoughts and prayers.

Today we went to Children's Hospital Boston to drop off a bike for the playroom. We had bought one for Jasper for his birthday that will be handed down to his little brother, but we wanted to get one for the cardiac floor as well! It is awesome and very Jasper.

It is hard to be back there, Chris doesn't really like it, where as I find any excuse to go back there! I would sit in the family room all day if they would let me. Spending about a year there total, the wonderful people there become such a part of your life, it is hard to not be there.

We are welcoming Jasper's little brother Reece in the next week or so. We are anxious to meet him and see how much he is like his brother and how much he is his own little self. They have already guessed Reece to be over 9lbs, but you never know, maybe he will come out a 7 pounder! We recently changed all the crib bedding and took out Jasper's toys as we hadn't touched it since the day we said goodbye. We put up his picture in the room and put his toys underneath and it looks very nice. Jasper was such a sweet soul, we know he will not mind sharing his things with his little brother.

The Jasper Johnson Golf Memorial Event is moving along! Billy Costa from TV Diner on NECN will be there auctioning off a chance to be on their show as Diner for a Day! We also are selling raffle tickets for some great prizes, and ofcourse we welcome you to attend the golf outing, or just the dinner! We look forward to seeing you there! ON THE NECN SITE!!!!!

in the family room on the cardiac floor

A heart mom in Philadelphia who worked on a fundraising event for The Children’s Heart Foundation at the AT&T National Golf Tournament on July 1, just mailed us this booklet they passed out! They raised over $20,000 for CHF!

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