Happy Easter!

11:23 pm CDT April 10, 2009
Thank you Child Life at CHB for making it special! :)

Jasper had an ok day, he loves his swing!!! His high heart rate started coming down when he was in it today !

He had some fevers, last night he was up all night not feeling well :) every time he went to sleep today there was a test, or xray, so hopefully tonight he can sleep! It's dads turn at the hospital so they can both fall asleep to golf

We are just trying to get him going on feeds, he has had vomiting/blood in stool issues. Since he was on NEC watch he had bowel rest for 14 days, so it will take some time, hopefully soon.....

Jasper got his new helmet today! He is doing great with it!! The wonderful people in the brace department are so great to work with :) we will be visiting them weekly for adjustments .

Easter craft! Those are his feet in the ears, He had an iv in one foot so it is 2 left feet :-)

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