Happy Easter 2010

5:52 am CDT April 4, 2010
Chris was looking over last years Easter and I joined in. We both agreed it was quite a tumultuous time. Jasper wasn't doing well and we had a lot of worries. A few days before, I had asked a nurse if the Easter Bunny came to the hospital and she thought he did. She felt so horrible when she found out he didn't, but Child Life gave Jasper a big purple bunny! In pictures it looks like the real thing.

I put him in his stroller and we walked around the hospital for over an hour with all his little furry stuffed friends to keep him company. We had a great walk :-) We were on the step down floor then and as we would room in there, we could eat our meals in the room as well, so we didn't have to leave Jasper. It was wonderful that we had the opportunity to share so many great moments with Jasper. Here is a clip of Jasper's first walk I found!

This is from Easter, we were sitting in the rocking chair.

I am thankful we did as much as we could for Jasper. We really aimed to give him a loving family who was always there for him. There were so many excruciating moments, it is so great we had so many wonderful moments too.

So far we are hanging in there. I have a lot of books from the library on grief that are very helpful. No words really help, it is comforting to read of others journey through the loss of a child though. We are lucky we are a great team, Chris and I, and can communicate well. When we are feeling sad, Reece usually starts to kick and we are comforted by his presence, safe and sound inside his moms tummy.

Jasper's Golf tournament planning is going well. We will have the registration site up and running. And we will post it this week!

Have a great, memorable weekend.

after our walk, getting ready for a nap

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