Happy New Year 09'

10:37 am CST December 31, 2009
It is snowing outside! We are still here in the ICU. Jasper has been having some good days, where he is on pressure support and his sats yesterday were in the high 90s (and this is with being on 30% oxygen! A first. And they stayed there for a couple of hours.

However, over the past couple of days Jasper has had some problems with desaturation, where his O2 is going down to 63 with being on 70% oxygen. Nothing is pointing to anyting. These episoded don't seem to correlate with anything either. Cardiac is coming up today to do another echo, and to see if it is related to his heart. If that looks clear, pulmonary might to a catscan of his lungs. The dr's have gone through the list of possible issues, but nothing seems to be it. We hope his body gives a hint as to what is wrong.

Jasper has been waking up more as well, really enjoying playing here and there, and listening to books : Wishing everone a safe and happy new year!

gotta love orange eyebrows

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