Having a great time at home

6:31 pm CST February 8, 2010
********************************************************* 14 Feb is Congenital Heart Awareness Day ****************** ****************************************************

check out this video by photographer Max Gerber whose book "My Heart vc. The Real World" features individuals with chd's

******************************************************* Some pics from home. Jasper is having a nice time. He is very relaxed and is becoming more alert as we are weaning him slowly off of the ativan. He had a visit from Mammie and she brought some new pj's :-).

Jasper is awake now about 8 hours a day. We play, read, sit and listen to music, play the banjo, and take a bath in his new tub that is super comfy for him. His labs looked good on Friday, so we hope he continues to do well. Have a great week!

asleep on the couch, very comfortable

watching mammie

in his new shirt, a 2T and fits too well, should have gone a size up

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