Heart Cath again

7:12 pm CST December 6, 2009
An intravenous (IV) line is inserted into one of the blood vessels in your arm, neck, or groin after the site has been cleansed and numbed with a local numbing medicine (anesthetic).

A catheter is then inserted through the IV and into your blood vessel. The catheter is carefully threaded into the heart using an x-ray machine that produces real-time pictures (fluoroscopy).

tonight and today Jasper really enjoyed being with mom and dad. He was awake ALL day holding our hands looking around. He has gotten some of his arm movement back and scratched up his nose quiet a bit yesterday. Dad clipped his nails last night so he doesn't have much to work with now until they grow out in a few days again.

Amanda, thanks for the new friend for Jasper! He was started to grab his trach today, and we put him over his arm, and now he just plays with his friends buttons instead, :-) a lot better than pulling out his trach!!!

So we hope they get some answers tomorrow. It would be nice if they found a reason for why he is not making much progress forward, but at the same time it would be nice if they saw no problems either. They could find different things, which could be helped with surgery, medicines etc, or they can find nothing and then it's back to the drawing board. We have our big team meeting Tuesday too, so hopefully there will be good things to discuss, have a great Monday :-)

B, C & J

hello new friend!

Jasper and dad watching golf. J was VERY cozy today :-)

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