Heart Repair Today

8:34 am CDT October 12, 2009
**8PM tonight- the high heart rate has been resolving itself. Dr Bacha came by and was VERY happy, J's #s look great and he is doing very well. We are hoping for a smooth night! ******12:33 Dr. Bacha the surgeon came out to say he is happy with what he was able to do. It was as difficult as he had thought, but he set out with what he wanted to do. The next couple of days are critical and it is up to Jasper's body to see how he will handle the repair. His O2 will be fluctuating a lot, as his right ventricle is tired after surgery, but in the next upcoming weeks it will hopefully stablilize.

He is also concerned with the rhythm and that may cases with some of the things Jasper has, have required a pace maker. It seemed to be doing better in the last hour of surgery though. They will keep a watchful eye on it in the icu. He will hopefully be out of the or and up in the cardiac icu in about an hour. We got here at 630 am, in preop we handed over Jasper to the team at 730. We are in the waiting room now. At 840 am we got the word that they made the first incision. At 915 they came to tell us he is now on the bypass machine, which will be working his lungs and heart while they operate on his heart.

Will keep you updated, thanks for thinking of us!

Jasper in his high chair Sunday morning while we ate breakfast

Sunday night on the couch

undressing Jasper in pre-op

Together before the surgery

handing him over

the team working to find the cause of J's high heart rates

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