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1:00 pm CDT June 10, 2009
Well we had a hi-tech visit from his cousins the lopopolo family (see pic) how neat! Jasper did a gastric emptying study, so his stomach doesn't empty... but why, he spit up the formula too soon for them to see clearly. Well the big heads are meeting tomorrow (GI Gen surg, cardiac, and ccs (complex care service for kids with multiple issues) to figure out what to do. The don't want to do a bandaid approach, and we are on board with that, as we want to figure this out and fix it and go home and not have to come back until his heart surgery.

Regarding his heart surgery, his cardiologist , Dr Levine, wants him to have more time to grow! So she is proposing that we do a cath in Sept, look in the heart and see if it can wait some more before they go in. They really want the heart to be as big as it can. Remember his right ventricle is slightly hypoplastic, so they are hoping it grows enough to be workable.... we shall see and cross our fingers!

hello cousins!!!!!

first time in a bouncy fun chair

our room, we sleep on the foldout chair, it's kindof like sleeping in the backseat of a car, not that we know what that is like..

karen from Chris' work knitted this! wow

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