Holding steady and ready for the next step..

11:27 pm CDT March 23, 2009
Well Jasper can not stop talking about his new buddy Anthony who came by Sunday to bring some much needed cheer to 11 South! They already got into some heated dart trash-talkin. But things cooled off pretty quickly over a few pints and a good game of cricket.

We had a pretty tough and frustrating weekend. This hospital stay has been particularly difficult, esp after such a great stretch at home for 2 weeks. The really hard part is not being able to provide the proper care for Jasper and really having to fight to get things done the right way for him in an unfamiliar environment. 11 South is not a cardiac unit, so they're still getting accustomed to some of his issues - which is very scary when the learning curve involves near death experiences for little babies.

But we know Jasper's a fighter and he is really looking great. He tested negative for some creepy stuff and now he's back on room air and will hopefully get back on feeds later this week and, who knows, maybe get his cranio surgery scheduled and get back home soon after that. We'll keep our fingers crossed, as usual.

Anthony's sizing up his next cricket opponent.

A couple hotties

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