Holiday 2010

10:42 am CST December 23, 2010
We wish everyone a happy and healthy holiday. We are working our way through each day. The days are bittersweet, especially the holidays. While Reece, Jasper's little brother brings us a lot of happiness and we enjoy having him to celebrate with, we miss our Jasper terribly. This will be our first Christmas holiday in two years at home, and what I wouldn't do to be back there at the hospital with Jasper.

A special prayer for Rita who is waiting for a new heart at Children's. Her mother graciously posted a picture of Rita riding the bike we donated to the cardiac floor in Jasper's name! Our holiday prayers are also with friends The Waller family who got to take their daughter Gabrielle home, and we wish them the merriest! And our hearts and prayers go out to Faith's family, as little Faith earned her angel wings on the 22nd of Dec.

To all of our heart family friends you are in our thoughts and prayers. The amazing people at Children's Hospital who did so much for us during difficult times. And to the many strangers out there who during the past couple of holidays sent cards, gifts food etc to us at the hospital! THANK YOU

We ask everyone to please do an act of kindness this holiday in Jasper's memory. A simple good deed, please.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Reece with Santa

Jasper's first Christmas with Santa Dec 08'

Jasper with Santa in 2009, he was doing his 'pretend sleep' he did when he didn't like what was going on.

Please pray for Rita, that she may receive a Christmas miracle and have her new heart!

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