9:17 pm CDT March 31, 2009
The surgeon, Dr. Proctor is happy with how the surgery went. Jasper had 2 sutures that were fused, and had to be unfused, the left coronal and rarely seem the lamdoid.

The surgery endoscopic, a fairly new method for craniosynostosis surgeries. There isn't a big difference in the appearance of his skull at first, but rather a gradual one in the skull as the brain grows. He will be fitted for his helmet soon as well, this well help shape his head as it grows. He will need to wear it for aprox 6 months As of tonight, he is off oxygen and back onto breathing through his trach unassisted. Tomorrow they will remove the dressing and he will just have a 1" gauze dressing on each incision (1 on the side 2 on the back). They will start feeds tomorrow and the plan is roughly a 3 day stay to recover, then back home!

We are hoping there are no complication and we can bring our sweet baby home very soon.

before surgery in Pre Op, Dr. Proctor just marked his head for surgery.

after surgery with mum again

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