How he fills his days..

2:36 pm CDT August 22, 2009
We have some apt's this week, so it is pretty busy. We are going to visit his Mammy and Pepe and all his cousins at the compound this weekend! This is our first visit with Jasper!! Everyone is excited to see him.

Here are some fun pics of Jasper as well.

Jasper likes to start his mornings on his playmat. He loves hitting his keys over and over.

Jasper likes to sleep on his stomach and will roll onto his tummy from his side. Don't worry his airway is protected by his mask. He also likes to scooch up into the corner of the crib. We have to keep putting him back into the middle.

Jasper likes to play- take everything out of the box- he usually piles it up in front of his face

we can kindof sortof get a smile from Jasper when we brush his face with his koosh ball.

Jasper likes this chair! His dad made it a few years ago and it's perfect for Jasper to sit in and practice his sitting.

Jasper can fall asleep anywhere

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