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8:04 pm CST November 13, 2009
**********UPDATE 15 nov 09 ***************Well you know how it is, things are beginning to look up and then we take a step back.... we got a call at 1:30am that one of Jasper's pacemaker leads stopped working, They had to turn up the juice a lot on it and he is ok. They will see what the surgeons want to do, go back in etc. Also his white blood cell count is up. They had thought something might be going on on his tricupsid valve as the echo showed a possible spot, however, the surgeon did so much work in there as well they think it could be a suture etc.. But if the white blood cell count stays up then that could signify their is an infection with the heart.

We love you Jasper and we want you to get better.

********************************************************* Well that was certainly nice to hold Jasper for about a half an hour today! He was very cozy too. It was a busy day as Jasper went down to catscan, quite an ordeal since he is still on pressure support from the vent. So the fieldtrip requieres one nurse, one respitory therapist and one cardiac doctor, and of course mom. He needed to be sedated so as not to move during the picture. He did very well !

Neurosurgery came up tonight to say things looked good, but ofcourse the big honcho, Dr. Proctor, will be doing the 'real looking' ( he did the cranio surgery) and he will be looking Monday. I imagine neurology will be looking then too and hopefully won't see any damage or any weird reasons for his recent movements etc.

This weekend will hopefully be a quiet one. Mom wants to work on making Jasper's birthday hat and some decorations.

Have a great weekend everone!

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