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6:30 am CST January 26, 2009
Well it was certainly nice to have no snow this week! Dan, Carrie and Keith stopped by to visit and Jasper was on his best behavior !

He had a low grade fevers Sat and Sun night, but his white blood cell count was good! Sat we celebrated Chris' birthday with a nice dinner at home.

This week we are looking forward to an MRI, Catscan and another sleep study. Hopefully we will get some answers, hoping for only good news! We might move to the reg floor, but Jasper needs to have a stable airway to do so. Right now he is best lying on his side, I don't know if that is good enough for the dr's. The trach is still on the table, we are just waiting and watching.

Jasper is walking for a virtual walker for NSTAR’s Walk for Children’s Hospital Boston. Thank you for all those donations!

with scalp iv :( it looks worse that it is

with Keith and Carrie

Dan's checking out his golf competition

getting ready for sleep

dad rough housing

chris' bday dinner

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