Jasper in Utero

1:16 pm CDT June 10, 2008

Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome
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Jasper Christopher Johnson is expected to arrive Nov 21, 2008. His parents Chris and Rebecca are excited to meet him. At 14 weeks, Jaspers nuchal fold measurement was 6mm, (anything over 3mm is abnormal). After a CVS came back normal, dr's at Brigham and Womens next concern was the heart. We are fortunate to live so close to Childrens Hospital in Boston as they have one of the best cardio centers in the US. We met with Dr. Levine at 16 weeks, who gave us a lot of info. She stated it was early, and we would not yet know the the severity of the heart, although it looks like it will be a single left ventricle type of heart disease. So Jasper's left side of his heart looks great, but his right side is underdeveloped. We go again Friday, July 25, 2008. Please send your prayers and positive thoughts!

Jasper was moving a lot so we couldn't get a complete body profile, this is just his head.

14 weeks and still fit into my jeans!

Yeah Children's Hosptial!!!

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